If you are looking for thought-provoking conferences on:

  • Liberty
  • Social order
  • Social constructions
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Governance
  • Citizenship
  • Ethics
  • Education
  • Electoral processes

and many other related subjects, then you are at the right place as my conference are unique and ground breaking.

Over 30 Insightful Conferences

Overall, my research helped me break down many complex abstractions into simple concepts from which I was able to identify best practices.

I have regrouped these concepts and practices into four themes:

          • The Management of Our Societies
          • Our Citizenship
          • Governance and Ethics
          • Our 7 Societal Cancers

Here is a list of the many possibilities available to you.



The Management of Our Societies

      1. The SOCIETALogical Approach
      2. Our Goal, Objectives and Societal Resources
      3. Return on Societal Investment
      4. Our Societal Footprint
      5. The Footprint of our Governments
      6. The Over-accumulation of political Power
      7. The Over-accumulation of Financial Power
      8. Promoting a Distributed Electoral Process.
      9. System Thinking and our Societies


        1. Citizenship Skills
          1. Personal
          2. Social
          3. Societal (Organizational)
        2. The Citizen Quotient
        3. .Citizen Ethics
        4. The Citizen Footprint
        5. The Role of Education in Forming Competent Citizens
Governance and Ethics 

    1. The Link between Governance and Ethics
    2. Governance and Social Order
    3. The Link between Social Order and Freedom
    4. The Link between Freedom and Liberty
    5. Solitary Freedom Versus Solidary Freedom
    6. How to Structure Freedom of Expression in order to maintain social order
    7. How to Structure Freedom of the Press in order to maintain social order
    8. The Importance of Education
    9. The Importance of Justice
    10. The Importance of Health
Our 7 Societal Cancers

    1. Our General Ignorance
    2. Our Lack of Societal Cohesion
    3. Our Social Constructions (discrimination and others)
    4. Our Electoral Processes
    5. Solitary Freedom
    6. Hatred Towards our Governments
    7. Over-accumulation

As you can see, I offer a variety of options that will generate a lot of discussion among participants.

In addition, I can even adapt these conferences to meet your specific needs.

Please contact me for more information.

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