Mr. Denis Pageau is an independent researcher, a strategic planner and a system thinker who uses the lenses of management to study societies as organizations and the role that citizens play in them.

This approach led to the development of a new management science specifically built to study societies and citizens.


There are many advantages of studying societies as organizations. This approach helps understand the:

– common underlying goal to all societies,
– societal resources societies manage,
– societal change agents,
– various roles citizens play,
– privileges some citizens gains or receive,
– various types of citizens,
– different types of societies,

and most importantly it helps us identify which type of society is the most performing at achieving the goal and what citizens needs to do to effectively play their role in their societies.

The Core Advantage

The core advantage of studying societies as organizations and the role citizens play is that it helps identify the individual, group and collective best practices that will help strengthen the interrelations and interactions between citizens as they use the available societal resources to meet both their individual and collective needs.

Strengthening the interrelations and interactions reduces the levels of social and societal tensions, frictions and conflicts (the goal common to all societies) thus reducing the amount of societal resources we need to invest to solve or manage the tensions, frictions and conflicts that could have been prevented, solved or managed by the citizens themselves. This allows, on the one hand, to improve the quality of life by reducing irritants and, on the other hand, to optimize the use of societal resources.


This new management science can be useful to facilitate both the development of societies and of citizens.


Studying societies as organizations is a politically, religiously and philosophically neutral approach since it focuses on the outcome. This approach can thus be used to study any society anywhere in the world either has a whole or any of its societal dimensions including cultural,  economic, educational, social, constitutional, legal or other. It can even be used to identify the best practices that can be used to facilitate the functioning and development of our global village.    

Tools: Mr. Pageau has developed many tools to study societies. Please view the “Tools” section.


Societalogically speaking we are all citizens and we are all co-owners of the societies we live in. As such, we must see citizenship as a form of profession and see ourselves as professionals. To play our role effectively, we need to acquire the knowledge and skills that will help us be competent citizens. To be competent citizens we must be competent towards ourselves, personal competency, towards others, societal competency, and towards our collectivity, societal competency.

Tools: Mr. Pageau has developed many tools to help evaluate the actions of citizens including several training sessions and a community of practice for citizens. The objective of these tools is to help citizens become more competent citizens. Please view the “Tools” section.


Do you have needs for your community or your society? Would you like to improve the quality of life of your citizens? Optimize the use of societal resources? Assess the size of your government? Increase the competence of your citizens? Increase the engagement level of your fellow citizens? Can we help you in any way? Contact Denis Pageau at 1-844-568-6793.