Societies Are Not Complex Anymore

Societies Are Not Complex Anymore

We finally have access to a science that demystifies societies. This new science is called societalogy and it uses the lenses of management to study societies as organizations and citizenship as a profession. Studying these two dimensions concurrently provides the only way that we can understand how societies develop and function as well as how to facilitate the social and societal integration of citizens and thus increase their level of participation and engagement.

In this two-day course/workshop, you will acquire the knowledge that all politicians and public servants should possess. On the organizational front, you will learn that there is an underlying goal which is common to all societies, and that each society has access to four types of resources: natural, human, abstract and transformed.  You will learn that if we change the way we use these resources, especially abstract resources, we can change the societal dynamic that is at the heart of every society. Understanding this societal dynamic is the key to reducing the level of social tensions, frictions and conflicts and thus achieve the goal that a healthy society seeks to achieve.

On the citizenship front, you will learn that citizenship is in fact a profession and that the performance level of any society depends on the competence level of citizens. You will learn that to be able to play their role effectively, citizens should possess three types of competences: personal, social and societal. The more competent citizens are the higher the degree of performance their society will attain. Increasing the competence level of citizens will help lower the level of social tensions, frictions and conflicts and raise their quality of life.

Understanding both the organizational and professional perspective will have a positive impact on any actions you make to facilitate the functioning and the development of societies and governments as well as facilitate the development and social and societal integration of citizens.

What You Will Learn

At the end of the workshop/conference, participant will

– Understand why there is a common underlying goal in all societies
– Understand how to change the societal dynamic of a society.
– Understand the importance of abstract resources
– Learn that freedom, liberty, systems are management concepts.
– Learn to evaluate and adapt the societal government footprint.
– Increase your strategic planning skills

Where and When

This unique conference will be held in Ottawa in the beginning of 2019.

 Limited Registration

The conference is limited to 15 participants. Reserve your spot now. Send me an email now.