In order to share some of the societalogical knowledge associated with the macromanagement of our societies and the development of our citizen competency, from time to time I will publish explainer videos.  You will be able to find them here.

Understanding How We Can Study Societies.

In reality, we individually, in group or collectively through our governments, only manage 4 types of ressources:

        • Natural,
        • Human,
        • Abstract, what we can incorporate in our brain, and
        • Transformed, thus the objects we create as we use our abstract resources to transform our natural resources

Although all societies manage these four resouces, their quantity, their quality and their availability vary from one society to another.

Using the SOCIETALogy logo this video helps us understand how SOCIETALogy studies both societies and citizenship.

Understanding the Origine of SOCIETALogy.

This new macromanagment science which studies both societies and citizenship owes its orgine to the identification of their  essential nature.

        1. Societies are our primary organizations.
        2. Citizenship is our primary profession.

This video helps us understand how clear defintions are important to help us understand, communicate and solve problems.