Hi, welcome to my site. My name is Denis Pageau, and I am an independent researcher.

Indeed, since 2007, I have been working to identify,  understand and evaluate the mechanisms that allow us to live together.

The Important of Our Societal Mechanisims

This is an important subject, because when I started, we did not have access to clear and precise knowledge that would have allowed us to understand these mechanisms.  Hence, we did not know how to improve our societies.

Of course, we were developing economic, technological and even social visions, but these were thought and developed in silos. We lacked a holistic societal understanding that would have allowed us to create an overall vision that would have integrated all of our collective actions in a way that they would have been compatible with each other.

Furthermore, this scientific vacuum did not allow us to identify the knowledge and skills that we should possess in order to play our role of citizen effectively. Hence, we did not know what we needed to do to improve.

So, we didn’t know what we needed to do to improve. Again, we had visions for the education system and for citizen participation, but they too were developed in silos. There was a lack of vision.

A New Management Science

Fortunately, we now have access to new knowledge that helps us better understand how we live together.

This new knowledge comes from a new science that I have developed and which I have called SOCIETALogy.

SOCIETALogy is a new macromanagement science which can be used to study both societies and citizenship. This is appropriate since management wise; they are two sides of the same coin.

Hence, on one hand, SOCIETALogy study societies as our organizations, thus the goals, the objectives and the resources that we use to help us live together.

On the other hand, SOCIETALogy study citizenship as a profession, Thus, the knowledge and skills that we need to have in order to use our societal resources in a way that is consistent with our societal goals and objectives.


If you want to know more, I offer conferences on about thirty topics related to society and citizenship, including on innovative solutions to help us become better citizens and make our societies better.

Please contact me for more information.

Thank you